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Jinan urban management officially launched the law enforcement "three in one"

news on July 11, with suggestions for environmental sanitation, call sanitation 110; If you find the road occupation business, you should call 16039. In the future, if the city's 99 linoleum tile people find problems in urban management, they only need to call a complaint platform. Today, we learned from the municipal urban management department that the Department is integrating the complaint channels of urban management, officially launching urban management law enforcement, and establishing five technology exchange platforms, Wei 110, and the "three in one" of digital urban management

the announcement issued by the municipal urban management department shows that 16039 urban management law enforcement and sanitation 110 are integrated into the digital urban management supervision and command center, and the equipment commissioning is planned from July 12 to July 13. During this period, the use of these two services will be suspended. For complaints about urban management problems, please call 12345 public service

it is reported that after the establishment of the new platform, the original 16039 urban management law enforcement and sanitation 110 will continue to operate. However, when citizens call these again, their complaints and suggestions will be directly transmitted to the digital urban management supervisor. Generally, the steering wheel is longer than the service life of the car. The supervisor and the commander are not happy with the situation for unified scheduling and handling

at the beginning of this year, song Yongxiang, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Municipal Urban Administration Bureau (municipal urban administration and Law Enforcement Bureau), said in an exclusive interview with this newspaper that a major move of the newly established Municipal Urban Administration Bureau this year is to integrate the original three complaint platforms of sanitation, urban management and law enforcement, and digital urban management, unify complaints, and establish a unified public complaint platform. "If there are problems in environmental sanitation and urban management, just make a complaint at that time". Since then, "three in one" has also been included in the top ten actions to create a brand of urban management that people are satisfied with. Jinan Times

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