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Jinan plans to stipulate that the reflectivity of exterior wall glass should not exceed 30%

in the future, I'm afraid I can't build a prosperous building in Jinan - Jinan FDA approved an injectable PLLA product (Sculptra reg;) to solicit opinions from the society from today on The city's technical guidelines for the application of building colors stipulates that the forbidden colors of building facades should be avoided to avoid the vulgar, too deep, monotonous and convergent colors of building facades

"architecture is the main carrier of urban color, and the use of high-intensity colors in a large area of architecture should be strictly limited to form a high-quality visual landscape and eliminate noise." The head of Jinan Planning Bureau said

the guidelines put forward that the architectural color should follow the principles of nature, humanity, function, sight distance and brilliance, and should be coordinated with its own function, form and volume. In principle, the hue of single non educational buildings should not use large-area (accounting for more than 30% of the total area of the building facade) high-color primary colors and dark gray, such as red, black, brown, purple, green, blue, orange, yellow, etc., and it is not allowed to match the appearance color of high-color, Except for structures with special needs of warning and identification in the city. At the same time, the influence of its reflection coefficient on color should be fully considered for glass curtain walls

in the guidelines, according to the different functional characteristics of the buildings built on the site of Jinyu high-end precision cast aluminum alloy project in Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinan city divides the buildings into five categories: residential air spring fatigue testing machine, method of measuring force value of height, building, commercial building, office building, industrial building and other buildings for color control and guidance respectively. Among them, residential buildings cover a large area and are used frequently, which should meet people's aesthetic needs for the living environment and form a warm and livable color landscape. The warm color with high brightness and low purity should be used as the basic color of the wall; Auxiliary color and embellishment color should form a medium contrast collocation relationship with the tone color; It is recommended that low rise and multi-storey buildings adopt the form of pitched roof

at the same time, Jinan has also made detailed and strict regulations on the color control of buildings along the street and the construction of buildings. Now some enterprises have begun to come out of the misunderstanding, building control, building facade color design guidance and detail control, building roof color control, building materials control and building materials construction color control. In particular, it is pointed out that the area and area of glazed tiles with strong reflective ability should be limited; For the glass or glass curtain wall with strong reflection ability (similar to the mirror effect) on the building facade, the glass reflectivity must be strictly controlled below 30% according to the national standards; The area of curtain wall glass of modern buildings is strictly controlled below 70%

"after determining the general positioning of the urban color of 'lakes and mountains, light makeup and thick color', Jinan will strive to continuously optimize the urban color planning, so that the urban landscape has more distinctive regional characteristics and humanistic feelings." The head of Jinan Municipal Planning Bureau said that Jinan will carry out in-depth research on the management mode of color planning, clarify the color requirements for planning requirements, design schemes, project permits, post approval management and construction, improve the color management process, and form a special management mechanism for urban color. Zhonghua glass () Department

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