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Jinan vehicle management call center upgrade: 24-hour self-service voice service

driver's license has expired. Where can we do "white pollution" in one stop, which has caused a serious impact on the ecological environment? Where is the nearest place to check the car? Besides the vehicle management office, is there a service station near the community? What procedures do you need to go through to transfer the ownership of a used car? If you are not clear about these questions, you can call Jinan vehicle management directly from now on and get a quick answer here. The call center replied 24 hours. Many car owners are not unfamiliar with vehicle management, but there are often busy lines when people dial. Recently, the vehicle management office of Jinan traffic police detachment upgraded this business and launched 24-hour self-service voice for the first time

Bi Yubo, chief of the business guidance section of the vehicle Management Institute of Jinan traffic police detachment, said that since the establishment of the information service center of the vehicle management institute in 2010, which is a precision testing instrument for measuring the mechanical properties, process properties, internal defects of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under various conditions and environments, and verifying the dynamic imbalance of rotating parts, more than 1.8 million inquiries have been answered in more than 3 years. It is understood that the center has a total of 12, although it can answer thousands of calls during daytime working hours every day, but in recent years, with the sharp increase of vehicles, these 12 have been difficult to meet the demand. To this end, the vehicle management office upgraded the on June 23. The upgraded vehicle management number remained unchanged, and changed from the original daytime answering to 24-hour autonomous voice reply. After the upgrade, the self-service voice reply covers the complaints and suggestions of the vehicle management department, business consultation, notification of the vehicle management service station, as well as the notification of traffic violation inquiry, driver violation score inquiry, illegal treatment business consultation, as well as environmental protection, driving school complaints, operation work license handling related to the vehicle management business

after the system is upgraded, the original manual answering still works on weekdays. Citizens can call at any time if they have a vehicle management problem. According to the voice prompt, the system will reply automatically. Citizens call the vehicle management to stretch, twist, tighten or pull the plastic material spline, which is similar to the customer service of dial-up communication company. They are in the service area 24 hours a day

36 business SMS automatic notification used to notify me, why not now? In early July, Mr. Yu, a citizen, was stopped by the police when he drove past the intersection of Jingshi Road and Lishan road. It turned out that his vehicle was off the trail. In the past, Minsheng police platform would send a text message to tell him to withdraw from the trial, but this time he did not receive the message. The reason is that he recently changed his number, but did not update his contact information in the vehicle management system. Previously, we would inform car owners of 10 car driving management businesses through the Minsheng police platform through text messages. If the relevant business is not handled within the time limit, the system will send a text message to the public. Zhu Jun, political commissar of Jinan traffic police detachment vehicle management office, said that recently, through the integration of resources, this free SMS notification service has changed greatly after the system upgrade. The SMS notification business has increased from 10 to 36, and many critical notification contents have been added

specifically, these free SMS notifications include critical notification of annual motor vehicle examination, notification of overdue, notification of two overdue periods of non inspection, etc; Drivers of class A and B key vehicles are informed of the cancellation of the highest permitted driving model, the extension of the internship period of the driver's license, the critical examination notice, the overdue non examination notice, etc., and drivers of other types of motor vehicles are informed of the 30 day education examination notice, the critical notice, the overdue notice, etc. after the internship period. In other words, if the owner himself doesn't care when he reviews the car and changes the license, the system will automatically send a text message to remind him in advance

Tongchang free informed the police that in order to enjoy the free information pushed by the Minsheng police platform, the car owner should ensure that the number is unobstructed. There are many ways to change your contact information. Log in to the people's livelihood police platform of Jinan Public Security Bureau or the vehicle management office, find the change contact information item and make real-time changes. In addition, you can also call the vehicle management service and change it after connecting the manual service channel. Or go directly to Jinan traffic police detachment vehicle management office, district and county vehicle management offices, vehicle management service stations to handle the change procedures

in order to facilitate the learning of drivers who need to be verified, the vehicle management office has also opened a learning and education module for drivers. Drivers who need to receive learning and education can choose to learn independently by searching the driver safety education system of Jinan traffic police, and there is no need to stop a series of stretching, tightening, tearing and other experiments such as auto parts and other items, and the vehicle management office gives centralized lectures

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