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Jinan is building a "world-famous service outsourcing base"

with the continuous warming of the research and development of copper alloy high-tech functional materials with high efficiency, high thermal conductivity and conductivity of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, Jinan is vigorously developing the service outsourcing industry, taking the development of service outsourcing as an important measure of "transforming mode, adjusting structure and ensuring people's livelihood" and a new economic growth pole, Strive to build a "service outsourcing interactive station between Beijing and Shanghai" and a "world-renowned service outsourcing base"

Jinan is one of the five departure stations of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. After the opening of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway next year, there are many software equipment composed of high-speed trains. It takes only 2.2 hours from Jinan to Shanghai. In fact, it can be seen as paving the way for the formulation of product grade standards in the future, and it takes only 1.2 hours from Beijing to Jinan. This will greatly shorten the space distance between the two places, and provide great convenience for multinational companies and outsourcing enterprises stationed in Shanghai and Beijing to set up branches and expand business in Jinan. At the same time, Jinan is an important communication hub city in East China, and has built an "information highway" system covering the whole province. Shandong is also a major power province in China. Jinan, as the power hub of the province, has sufficient power surplus. Jinan is located at the junction of the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Economic Circle and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle. With its superior geographical location and developed transportation network, it has formed a large market with strong radiation. Within 500 kilometers around Jinan, an economically developed region with a population of nearly 300million has formed a "half day economic circle"

Jinan has solid basic advantages and good carrying capacity in the development of service outsourcing. It is one of China's three "software cities" and eleven "service outsourcing base cities". It also has leading enterprises in China's local it and service outsourcing industry, such as Langchao and Zhongchuang, as well as Microsoft, ISI, Youchuang, NEC, Hitachi and India

multinational companies such as uptech, as well as well-known Chinese enterprises such as Dalian Huaxin, Shanghai Qiming, Beijing Zhongxun, Dongfang Daoyou, Tianjin ISI, Hangzhou Dongzhong, have invested and established outsourcing enterprises in Jinan

in 2009, there were nearly 150 service outsourcing enterprises in Jinan, with an offshore outsourcing amount of nearly US $120million and 40000 employees. The business involves software information, finance, data backup and processing, animation, medicine and other R & D, engineering (industrial) design, after-sales service, call center, logistics supply, etc. 34 enterprises have passed CMM, ISO27001 and other international certifications. In addition, as one of the first three "national software parks" in China, Qilu Software Park has built the country's largest public technology support platform for free use by enterprises. More than 700 internationally renowned enterprises, including Microsoft, Oracle, NEC, Hitachi, have entered the park. The first phase of Qilu outsourcing City, with an area of 1.5 million square meters, has been started and will be completed and put into use in three years

Jinan has 66 colleges and universities, which is basically the same as Beijing and Shanghai, ranking among the top three in China. There are more than 600000 college students and 160000 college graduates every year. Among them, more than 50000 graduates majored in service outsourcing. Jinan attaches importance to the practical talent training of service outsourcing, and the training mode is in line with international standards. More than 30 professional training institutions, such as Inspur youpai, Inspur Microsoft and Qilu Software Park training base, actively introduce foreign advanced courses, teachers and teaching modes, closely connect with the "Trinity" of universities and enterprises, creatively implement the "3+1" and "2+1" teaching and the training mode of jointly running schools and jointly building service outsourcing majors, and cultivate a large number of practical and international service outsourcing talents

at the same time, Jinan municipal government devotes more than 100million yuan to fully support the development of service outsourcing industry every year, and part of the funds are invested in supporting and guiding leading talents and medium and high-end talents. For example, the leading soldiers will be given a resettlement fee of 10000 yuan; Give 50% subsidy to high-end talents in overseas training; For the training and employment of ordinary practical talents, a subsidy of 1000 yuan/person will be given on the basis of the national and provincial subsidy of 6500 yuan/person, etc

Jinan is forming an outsourcing industry group with Qilu outsourcing city as the leader, the central business district as the dragon body, the new urban area in the West as the dragon tail, and the North District and North cross district as the dragon pearl, forming the overall take-off trend of the service outsourcing industry. By 2014, we will complete the construction of 3million square meters of service outsourcing park carriers; 120000 service outsourcing employees; Attract 400 domestic and foreign companies to establish service outsourcing enterprises in Jinan; 80 have obtained international certification; Cultivate enterprises with 10000 people and enterprises with 1000 people; Train 100000 college students and add 80000 service outsourcing jobs from the deepening of changing the overall aspect of the experimental machine in terms of tools; Offshore service outsourcing reached US $800million

to attract more service outsourcing enterprises, we must create a strong "strong magnetic field" effect of service outsourcing. On the one hand, Jinan took the initiative to make some publicity in Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, the United States, India, Singapore and other places. On the other hand, through the linkage mode, that is, a large enterprise drives more strategic partners to Jinan for development, resulting in a agglomeration effect. At the end of last month, Jinan Municipal People's government signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. Microsoft will set up a branch in Jinan to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation with Jinan in it, service outsourcing, cloud computing, talent training, etc. It is expected that in the next five years, Microsoft will bring more than 40 it and outsourcing enterprises to Jinan, drive 15000 jobs, achieve an annual income of 5billion yuan in the information service industry, tax revenue of more than 300million yuan, and cultivate 10000 talents. This will have a positive impact on the transformation of mode and structure of Jinan, the vigorous development of modern service industry, the acceleration of the development of service outsourcing, software and information industry, and the building of "China's service outsourcing demonstration city". Outsourcing in China

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