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Jinbang evoone memory with the strongest heat dissipation is labeled with the top anti-counterfeiting label

Jinbang evoone player series memory. It is a memory product with the strongest heat dissipation system prepared by professional memory manufacturer geil for the majority of player friends. This product is not only unique in the heat dissipation system, but also the anti-counterfeiting technology used in its label can be called the top, which can calculate the experimental speed level in detail

Jinbang memory adopts a new anti-counterfeiting label with DNA technology. This DNA anti-counterfeiting label adopts the biological DNA anti-counterfeiting technology known as the ultimate anti-counterfeiting. Its principle is to extract the DNA of animals and plants through extraction, splicing, synthesis and other steps, and then make it through special production after being processed by genetic engineering technology, which is extremely difficult to be imitated by criminals

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