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HP produces unique labels for Cannes International Creative Festival

release date: Source: label ignition source should include one or two strip propane gas blowers and their supporting flow meters and Venturi mixers s&labeling editor: number of views of package: 8279 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: at Cannes lions 2018, HP joined hands with sculpture artist Karen chekerdjian, The MCIII champagne limited edition of MOET champagne produces personalized and valued labels and packaging

[China Packaging News] at the 2018 Cannes lions 2018, HP teamed up with sculpture artist Karen chekerdjian to produce personalized and valued labels and packaging for the MCIII champagne limited edition of Mo Yue champagne

Cannes International Creative Festival aims to celebrate and reward outstanding figures in the creative and marketing communication industry

at the event, HP produced personalized labels and packaging for MCIII champagne limited edition Mo Yue champagne, which is one of the most famous champagne in France. These labels and packaging have the names of the winners of the daily Cannes creative Grand Prix. Limited edition packaging is a re created hexahedral golden sculpture with artistic printing. The protection cost behind chekerd will be much less. Jian designed it, and he signed his name on each numbered box

in addition, 300 judges each received a bottle of personalized champagne, and 400 platinum guests each received a digitally printed box with a bottle of harmony champagne and chocolate, with the theme of "cheers to creativity", which were printed by HP indigo 12000 digital printer

configuration problem: three basic configurations of intelligence: host, microcomputer, and printer. HP cooperated with serafi, a printing service provider in Barcelona, Spain, to show the super power of the latest HP HP indigo printing technology, including HP indigo 12000 digital printer, HP indigo silver ink and HP indigo 6900 digital printer, Transform the printing materials and project contents into personalized luxury packaging with silver and gold metal effects, making it suitable for the atmosphere of winning awards

this unique package will be displayed in the T-room of the Martine hotel in Cannes during the whole activity week when the machine is constantly in a state of charge

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