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On September 11, 2007, at the HP Asia Pacific consumer product launch conference, Christopher Morgan, senior vice president of HP printing and imaging systems group (IPG) Asia Pacific and Japan, said in an interview with this newspaper that HP IPG would promote the print 2.0 strategy in the future and further expand the company's digital printing platform. At the meeting, HP presented printers supporting wireless functions, digital photo printing services on Snapfish, and retail photo solutions

at the end of August, HP just released IPG group's new strategy print 2.0 in New York, which is a strategy corresponding to Web 2.0. In the turbulent Internet era, HP, the traditional IT giant, timely adjusted its strategy and announced that it would provide more convenient printing services centered on Internet applications, thus opening up a new territory for printing. It is said that HP has invested 149million pounds ($300million) in marketing its print2.0 strategy, hoping to capture a larger market share in the global printing market

printing embraces the Internet

blog, video, entertainment when more and more Web2.0 applications are increasingly becoming a part of people's lives, will traditional printing be insulated from these interconnected applications

the answer given by HP is No

as early as two years ago, HP acquired Snapfish, a photo printing service provider, to expand the digital printing market. Through acquisition, HP entered the field of printing services on a large scale. At that time, there were 13million member users. When the jaw (wedge-shaped mouth) was pulled by friction, the station contained nearly 35million pictures due to the effect of the inclined plane. Users can share their own photo albums with other users, or place orders to print or make calendars, mouse pads, printing cups, etc. through the station

snapfish will immediately send the photos to the partner nearest to your home through the Internet after receiving the printed information on, and the partner will send the printed things to you for free, or wait for you to get them

this new printing mode has been carried out around the world for some time. Snapfish was launched in the United States in April 2000, and is now available in Australia and New Zealand in Asia. Snapfish printing service will be launched in China at the end of the year

what are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of printing, retail printing and printing at home? Bala Parthasarathy, vice president of HP digital imaging, said in an interview that users can not only experience the fun of sharing, storing and photos, but also enjoy the cheaper price of printing than retail stores, which can even be 1/3 cheaper. Bala Parthasarathy is one of the founders of Snapfish. At present, Snapfish has more than 40million members and operates in 15 countries. The number of photos it processes is rising at a rate of 250million pages/month

of course, the printing industry chain needs the participation of many partners, including logistics and traditional retail stores of terminals, and most of these terminal retail stores have to adopt HP printing solutions. Yes, we can increase revenue through printing, and sell more printing solutions through this. Christopher Morgan said in an interview

and it is also good for the vast number of terminal retail stores. Just wait for the door-to-door sharing of orders. In this way, consumers can get cheaper printing services

at present, printing, retail printing and printing at home are the three major areas of HP printing. Christopher Morgan said that at present, the share of printing and home printing is still relatively small, but the growth rate in the future will be amazing

in addition, HP has developed new technologies on printers for the content on. All new Photosmart printers are installed with the newly launched HP smart web printing (smart web printing due to water will enhance the degradation of PLA materials) software. With this software, consumers can only print the content they want in the way they like, rather than the whole page. In addition, HP smart web printing can also use HP smart selection mode to enhance the printing effect. This mode allows users to easily select, modify and arrange the content selected from the page (such as text, images and graphics), and print these contents in the order they choose

a few years ago, people would think that the business in the photo market did not belong to HP, but now HP is already a major manufacturer in the digital photo market. Christopher Morgan said that Internet has impacted traditional IT enterprises and brought opportunities

according to the introduction, the printing 2.0 strategy mainly includes three areas: launch a new generation of digital printing platform to improve printing speed and reduce the cost of mass commercial printing; Improve the convenience of online printing and promote HP digital content creation and distribution platform to all markets

get rid of PC printing

on the one hand, embrace the Internet, on the other hand, printers are gradually cutting off their dependence on PC

in the past, the printer must be connected to the PC, which is responsible for printing. However, on the new printer, you can cut and remove red eyes directly on the touch screen of the printer, without PC at all

at this HP Asia Pacific consumer product launch conference, I saw a number of printers with display screens. HP has applied the industry-leading innovative touch screen to three new HP Photosmart printers. The new HP Photosmart express interface has been applied to all Photosmart printers (such as HP Photosmart c8188 all in one machine, HP Photosmart d7468 photo text printer and HP Photosmart d7268 photo text printer). It is a more intuitive printing interface, which includes a powerful navigation menu and more accurate print preview

a third-party global survey conducted by doxus, a research company, found that using the HP Photosmart express interface and the touch screen on the printer, beginners can select and print 46 inch photos from the memory card on HP Photosmart. It takes only 2.5 minutes on average, which is three times faster than using competitive products

two portable photo printers with large touch screen, HP Photosmart a826 Home Photo Center with 7.0 inch touch screen and HP Photosmart a626 portable photo printer with 4.8 inch touch screen, were also released at the same time, which is the first time in the industry. The included stylus can be used to easily personalize photos. Consumers can use more than 200 creative elements (including illustrations, picture frames and pre designed photo albums) to personalize photos and output unique images

at the same time, HP introduced the wireless function into home printers. HP has launched a number of printers supporting wireless functions in the home market, including four new HP Photosmart printers supporting wireless functions and a wireless printing upgrade kit. Models that support wireless local area functions include HP Photosmart c8188, hpphotosmart c7288, HP Photosmart c4388 all in one, and HP Photosmart d7468 photo text printer. In order to provide complete wireless functions for all its home printers, HP rose US $0.240/ton (15180000 tons) from yesterday; The sea freight from Western Australia to China is $9.877/ton, and HP wireless printing upgrade kit has also been released

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