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HP printing technology innovation

the HP Designjet 4000 printer series, which applies the innovative double swath technology, doubles the printing speed of the existing HP large format printer. In addition, it also has excellent performance in bar printing, color quality and printer management. HP recently released the HP Designjet 4000 printer series, which applies the innovative double swath technology technology. It doubles the printing speed of HP's existing large format printers. At the same time, it also has excellent color and monochrome output capabilities, clear line printing capabilities, excellent image quality. In addition, it enhances printer management and control. The new solution is more professional. For users in the construction, engineering construction, mechanical design (MCAD) and geographic information system (GIS) markets, HP Designjet 4000 printer series enables them to complete tasks faster before the deadline, enhance customer loyalty through high-quality printing output, and obtain the best printing control through excellent printer management. The success of the new HP Designjet 4000 printer series in achieving unprecedented printing speed improvement, color and print management will lead large format printing to a new level. Mr. Nobuo Kanzaki, manager of large format printing products in HP Asia Pacific and Japan, said, "architecture, engineering construction and geographic information system (GIS) The company has increasingly stringent requirements for printing technology. In order to achieve high-quality large format printing output, complex technical design drawings, maps and images, these professional requirements require high standard line accuracy, excellent image quality, printing speed and printing control. HP Designjet 4000 printer series with innovative double swath technology can meet these requirements and provide consumers with the most competitive advantage

the new technology HP double after double speed is defined above. Swath technology doubles the number of nozzles through cross arrangement. This innovative reform has expanded the actual print trajectory of the printer and brought faster print output, thus realizing the printer ideal of those consumers who are worried about the time limit. It only takes 25 seconds for the new printer to print a1/d size quickly. Not only that, it can also complete the task of printing 100 copies of a1/d size in one hour

due to the use of HP enhanced printing system and HP professional color technology, HP Designjet 4000 printer series has high-quality printout with predictable colors. The HP Designjet 4000 printer series delivers high-quality output with 2400 x 1200dpi optimal resolution and +/- 0.1% line accuracy. It is perfect for consumers who need precise design, planning and line composition. In order to achieve excellent color consistency and match screen effect with printing effect, HP Designjet 4000 printer series provides a complete set of HP professional color technology, including closed-loop color calibration system voltage swing too large (CLC), Pantone calibration, simulation printing, HP CMYK plus, k-point compensation, sRGB, adobergb

excellent printer management

hp Designjet 4000 printer series can realize remote monitoring of printer, ink and media usage, and provide good control over printing process processing and printing cost. It provides a fast and coordinated multi platform environment for network-based remote management. For those consumers who have time pressure, HP Designjet 4000 printer series will benefit from the remote print task preview, printer condition monitoring and alarm system, which can timely notify the consumption of consumables and the corresponding information of unattended printing. New HP No. 90 ink HP new No. 90 ink cartridge is designed and designated for HP Designjet 4000 series printers. HP No. 90 ink cartridges come in three different colors and black inks, each of which has two different sizes. You can choose value-added and a variety of packaging, so as to provide consumers with better cost control. Designjet 4000 printer series, HP No. 90 ink cartridge and HP large format printing media are designed to form a complete HP printing system. Improve office processes and obtain real business benefits

as one of the world's largest construction companies, aedas PTE, which can be used in mobile phone shells and accessories, medical devices, precision manufacturing, aerospace and other aspects, has 14 branches and more than 1000 professional designers. Their design studio in Singapore uses HP Designjet 4000ps printers to complete busy design work is impressive. The performance of HP Designjet 4000 printer series exceeded aedas' expectations in many areas, including printing speed, reliability, image quality and close fit with office workflow. Said Gruffudd ab Owain, partner of aedas "The reason why I like this machine most is that it allows us to have more working time within the limited project period. We use HP Designjet 4000ps printer to put forward our ideas and intentions in the process of the project. It is impressive when communicating design ideas with customers, and often makes customers exclaim. It is a very effective tool for communicating design concepts with customers." Aedas' customers are impressed by the high-quality output in urgent need, and at the same time, they have won more business for the company

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