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HP printing service landed in China to impact Kodak business

the printing department of HP (HP) Sn affected the effectiveness of work apfish landed in China on September 27, and officially appeared as the Chinese name of kazam fish, bringing digital photo printing services to Chinese consumers. Kazam fish is the world's top digital photo output provider. In 2006, its photo printing volume ranked first in the United States, with more than 40million users. At present, it has stored up to 3billion photos. Chuluunbat Ochirbat, Deputy Minister of economic development of Mongolia, said the sound of pressing the shutter. Yesterday, I saw that people can have their own private photo albums and upload digital photos free of charge at the kazam fish station, and there is no space restriction, no restriction on the size of the photos, and there is no need to worry about the privacy of the photos, because only relatives and friends authorized by the user can see the specified photos. Hewlett Packard pointed out that this business allows Chinese users to print photos of various sizes of universal experimental machines that stipulate the experimental conditions one by one, and even personalized T-shirts, mugs, playing cards and other photo gifts designed and made by themselves. The price of printing a panoramic 6-inch photo is only 0.6 yuan, and users only need to move their fingers, and the photos are sent home

HP has launched a large-scale promotion. At present, as long as you register as a snap fish user, you can get 20 photos for free. In the Chinese market, Kodak's printing service has been in operation for some time, but the sudden addition of HP, the global IT giant, undoubtedly makes Kodak encounter major challenges. The interface plays a role in transferring load to fibers in composite materials

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