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HP releases new collaborative large format printer

HP company releases HP large format printer in Xi'an Jinshi International Hotel, including a collaborative printer, which can help construction, engineering, construction (AEC) industry personnel and enterprises access, share and print large-scale project documents at any time and anywhere. HP also announced the launch of an enhanced software solution, which reopens the display switch, and newly defines the function of Paul Gallen, head of the Automotive Department of NCC, an attachment of HP instantprintingpro. With this attachment, customers can preview, and print files without opening files or adjusting drive settings

these future oriented new product components help AEC industry staff and design professionals who need topographic map printing materials, urban development printing illustrations or other forms of large technical drawings to accelerate business. Moreover, the new printer series is connected to the network and can enable eprint, allowing enterprises to access stations to view content at any time and place according to business needs

as the industry's first large format printer that can be used on the Internet and integrates scanning, printing and copying functions, HP designjett2300emultifunctionprinter (emfp) is designed for today's mobile collaborative office. With HP designjett2300emfp, design professionals and enterprises can easily scan and upload documents to the station, and print drawings anytime, anywhere, whether in the office or meeting customers, You can print drawings anytime, anywhere, at the job site. HP designjett2300emfp has two roll media and synchronous replication and scanning functions, which can process multiple projects at the same time, so it can improve work efficiency in all locations

cooperate with designjett2300emfp through HP eprint share platform, and then supply it to downstream product enterprises for deep processing of related products, simplifying the whole printing process of technical drawings. For details, please click hpeprintcenter, which is a resource library for customizing the printing experience for all HP customers. Hpeprint share helps architects, geographic information professionals and urban development planners easily access, adjust page layout, preview printed pages, and generate documents for printing on the screen. Users can also upload files by clicking during the printing process to share designs quickly and easily with remote project teams

HP eprint share can provide mobility for customers. Through this new breakthrough application, design professionals can automatically create, print, share and manage project files by means of desktop or mobile devices

HP designjett7100 large format printer equipment can help companies reduce total cost of ownership. HP designjett7100 has a high-speed monochrome and color printing system. Internal tests show that it can achieve a lower total cost of ownership than other technologies. HP designjett7100 large format printer is specially designed for the central copy Department of enterprises and copy rooms, which can improve productivity and significantly reduce costs. The printer simplifies plane production from simple CAD drawings to high-quality images for customers who need monochrome and color printing. It can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, and can replace the equipment and light-emitting diode (LED) technology that are expensive to maintain and only print monochrome or color. HP designjett7100 large format printer can provide monochrome or color versions

HP also launched the industry's fastest image printer, HP designjetz6200 series professional image level large format printer, specifically for photo labs and digital printing stores. What should we pay attention to Designed by advertising agencies, design companies, commercial printers and print service providers

designjetz6200 series professional image level large format printer with HP vivdphoto ink can achieve high speed, productivity and best print quality

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