The hottest HP short print solution

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HP short edition printing solution

a customized solution for short edition printing, which is simple, flexible and low-cost

the crud of the air-cooled cooler should be cleared regularly. Using HP color printing and imaging technology, you can make your own marketing materials without leaving home, which is light, easy and fun. Even at the last moment, you can quickly modify the manuscript, and you can also tailor marketing materials for different customers, which is as you like, simple and fast

understand HP's many advantages

simple and fast modification can simplify your production process and free up more time for your marketing activities

reduce the inventory cost of preprint materials, Saving money

can greatly reduce the cost of less than 1000 prints

confidential documents of internal printers minimize the risk of leakage

easily handle all kinds of temporary modifications made before printing

with HP internal color printing solution, you can create small batches of color brochures for specific customers or occasions, and avoid waste caused by piles of outdated brochures. As long as you have high-quality printers and appropriate paper, you can make professional quality brochures by yourself to enhance the enterprise Reducing cost and increasing efficiency is simple and economical

HP color solutions do it yourself and fully control

hp color LaserJet 2550 new

this compact printer with simple operation, space saving and reasonable price allows you to enjoy high-quality color effects

hp color LaserJet 4650

simple and efficient design can bring reliable color performance to a team of up to 20 people, thereby accelerating your business progress

hp color LaserJet 3500

simple installation, easy use, easy maintenance, perfect color, and online printing; Add the power and effect of color laser printing to your business

hp color LaserJet 3700

at present, the domestic enterprises with high nickel 3-yuan materials include the color laser printers printed by dangsheng technology, Shanshan energy, Tianjin BAMO, GuoXuan high tech, green beauty, etc., which are specially designed for small working groups and are worth more

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