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HP technology creates new business opportunities for printing enterprises in the Asia Pacific and Japan region

on April 21, 2014, Beijing Hewlett Packard Company, China announced that another group of new customers in the Asia Pacific and Japan region have chosen Hewlett Packard's industry-leading graphic printing solutions

due to the increasing pressure to expand business and improve profitability, printing companies in the region decided to use HP technology to find new business growth points

due to the industry's shift to a more customized mode of small batch operation, one of the functions of printing companies' resins is to provide UV protection for fibers. We have to seriously consider the technology used and how this technology can meet and adapt to richer applications Gidovan Praag, general manager of Asia Pacific and Japan, graphics printing solutions division of printing and information products group (PPS), said: HP leads the innovation trend, provides the industry with high-quality digital printing technology with unique advantages, and creates new business opportunities for enterprises and printing companies

HP indigo digital printing machine stimulates business growth

March this year marks the first anniversary of the launch of HP indigo 10000 digital press digital printing machine. HP indigo10000 digital printer with B2 format and offset printing quality aims to help printing enterprises improve the economy of digital printing and create richer applications to improve profits. So far, HP indigo10000 digital printers have been installed in more than 80 countries

Wenzhou Yafeng digital printing company, which aims to build a top digital printing enterprise in Zhejiang Province, can provide customers with a variety of printing applications. The company recently installed HP indigo10000 digital printing machine to support its positive growth plan and meet the growing needs of users for short edition printing, on-demand printing and color proofing

Komatsu general printing company in Japan also adopts HP indigo10000 digital printing machine to simplify the printing production process, provide full-color variable data printing with offset printing quality, and output more infectious brochures for customers. The company also plans to create opportunities for global business expansion with the help of the diversified ecosystem established by HP and dcoop around HP graphic printing technology. Dscoop is a global cooperative organization of HP graphic printing solution users

HP indigo series printers also include HP indigo ws6600, 7600 and 5600 digital printers. This series of products continue to help printing companies in Asia Pacific and Japan achieve business growth

nulab group is a photo printing company owned by Michael warhall, a famous professional photographer in Australia. The company recently replaced the traditional printing machine with two HP indigo7600 digital printing machines using silver halide technology. HP indigo technology not only provides excellent printing quality, but also helps the company expand its business scope and successfully enter other personalized application fields based on the photo printing business. At the same time, because silver halide technology is no longer needed for lithography, the impact on the environment is also reduced. In addition, the Web-to-Print solution also greatly improves the efficiency of the workflow from ordering to printing

Indian commercial printing company printography systems India Private Limited recently installed its first HP indigo5600 digital printing machine. With HP indigo technology, the company printed 14million electronic photo ID cards and other cards in just four months, and produced excellent products with thicker media in a very short period of time. The company is also considering entering the small and specialized printing market that has not yet been developed in India

we have added HP indigo10000 digital printer, which provides offset printing quality, to cope with the growing situation of high-value and short edition printing operations with stronger profitability. Zhang Zhixian, general manager of Wenzhou Yafeng digital printing company, said: the composition of our hydraulic universal material testing machine is in a very competitive market, and the adoption of HP digital printer makes us different from our competitors, And bring profit opportunities

in Southeast Asia, the digital printing market has also seen strong growth, and printing companies from all walks of life have purchased and installed HP indigo digital printing machines. For example, Bintang Sempurna, an Indonesian one-stop printing service provider, has installed HP indigo7000 digital printing machine, which has doubled its commercial printing capacity and provided customers with the high-quality printing services they need to achieve lithographic printing quality

products are all over the country and around the world

topbest printing corporation is one of the printing companies leading the label and packaging materials market in the Philippines. Mitsubishi Electric wire industry completed the audit that took five months. The company purchased its second HP indigo ws6600 digital printer to cope with the increasing number of short version printing contracts for small and medium-sized enterprises, while maintaining a competitive price. By adopting the latest digital technology, the company can always be at the forefront of innovation and continuously help its customers enhance brand awareness

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