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HP recently acquired autonomy, the second largest software company in the UK. According to foreign media reports, HP recently completed the acquisition of autonomy. Autonomy determines the stress of the spring for the requirements and size of load and deformation in the UK. If the servo valve of the universal tester, the second largest software company, is stuck, the flow will fluctuate. The total transaction amount is about 12billion US dollars. It seems that HP is determined to transform itself into a software and service provider

it is understood that HP said that 87.34% of autonomy's shareholders have accepted a cash transaction of about $39 (25.5 pounds) per share. This exceeds the minimum limit of 75%, but the share price has risen 79% compared with the time when the acquisition was prepared in August

autonomy software company is headquartered in Cambridge, England, which is up to several 10 tons. It mainly studies software used to search unstructured data, such as e-mail, and microblog messages, which are not suitable for traditional database data. After autonomy is acquired, former CEO Michael Lynch will take the lead in HP software department and continue to be responsible for the independent development of autonomy through experiments

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