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HP printing released its strategic goal of rejuvenation: revenue growth of 4% to 6% in 2007

according to the latest overseas media reports, HP CEO Mark Hurd used a vernier caliper to measure the diameter of the fracture. On Tuesday, he told Wall Street analysts that HP is in the period of economic recovery and paying attention to market development, which will increase revenue by 4% to 6% in 2007. This is the first time that HP's revitalization strategy was released at the annual analyst conference in New York

Hurd, who never released huge changes in product strategy, said that the company would focus on fast-growing markets, such as data storage, data center integration, thin teeth, high-end printing and flexibility. He said, "the fourth quarter is not the final victory, and we will continue to work hard. I believe HP has kept up with the market demand, and we have huge assets to balance the company's core economy and opportunities in adjacent markets." He also expected that the revenue in 2006 would increase to $91 billion from $89.5 billion a year ago, and the profit income in 2007 would increase by 8% year-on-year

it is reported that HP has been focusing on three major economies: enterprise virtualization, high-end printing and flexibility solutions. Enterprise virtualization focuses on data center consolidation and storage, and HP sees their tremendous growth. In the high-end printing market, HP focuses on photo printing, laser and color printing, and multiple service printing. Vyomesh Joshi, vice president of image and printing department, said that he would unite all small printing markets to hit the revenue growth target of 4% to 6%, and emphasized the importance of the 21-year partnership with canon. Joshi said, "the cooperation with Canon is solid. It is a strong alliance, so we benefit from it." Flexible solutions are another important growth area for HP. Todd Bradley, vice president of personal systems, said the company would continue to develop this strategy

since the former CEO Carly Fiorino took office, Hurd has been focusing on cost reduction. In the past six months, 15000 people have been laid off, the economy has been adjusted and a sales department has been cut. He reiterated that the acquisition strategy of the company, including the acquisition of small enterprises, will help to increase product production and technological breakthroughs. Hurd said: "I hope these enterprises will form an alliance with us. The enterprises acquired in the past are combined with the company's strategic structure, and they are very easy to digest and manage. I never say anything that 'they are not widely used in household appliances, communications, medical treatment, automotive electronics, solar photovoltaic, wind power and other fields, and the performance indicators of the whole series of products have reached the leading level at home and abroad'. The world is dynamic. But our strategy will not change.". ”Hurd believes that the key to meeting the company's financial goals is how to implement the strategy. HP needs to improve leadership decisions and encourage departments to accomplish more without increasing labor force to expand productivity. "We can do better than now," he said

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