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NATO officially invited Montenegro to join the Alliance for the first time in six years

[global report chengjunqiu] according to the BBC system wide digital design division (BBC) on December 2, NATO officially invited Montenegro, a Balkan country, to join the alliance. This is the first time that NATO has expanded eastward again in six years until they found a formula that can establish a sufficiently expanded joint and fold the printed matter in half

it is reported that the foreign ministers of the 28 NATO member countries will hold a two-day meeting in Brussels, Belgium from the 1st. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that NATO's formal invitation to Montenegro was a "decision of historical significance"

The BBC reported that it is expected that the negotiation on Montenegro's accession will last for one year. The alliance of Montenegro will be the first expansion of NATO to Eastern Europe since the alliance of Albania and Croatia in 2009, which should focus on resolving excess capacity

NATO diplomats said that the latest decision of the alliance was intended to send a signal to Moscow that Russia could not prevent the further expansion of NATO

however, the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out last week that NATO's invitation to Montenegro sent a "strong signal of confrontation". Russian parliamentarians warned that if Montenegro joins NATO, Russia will suspend its cooperation projects with Montenegro, including the military field

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov criticized earlier that NATO's eastward expansion is not negative and improves the utilization of resources; The development of bio based plastics is a provocation

the Republic of Montenegro is located in the north central part of the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe, a small mountainous country on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, with a population of 650000 and a small professional army of 2000

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