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One million mu of natural forest in Hainan was destroyed by sabres and axes from July 2 to 7, Hainan Provincial People's Congress conducted a major inspection on the law enforcement of the province's forest resources "Process integration and automation are the prerequisites for meeting the unit cost requirements of the high-yield automobile industry. The central and local media were invited to follow up and interview the whole process. The results shocked the world: since 2000, more than 1 million mu of natural forest and natural secondary forest have been destroyed in Hainan Island.

on July 17, the head of the general office of the Hainan provincial Party committee removed his experimental power after the specified time and announced to the Provincial Forestry Bureau Among the five forestry work supervised by him, the pulp and paper forest project, which ranked first in previous years, fell short of success this year

various signs show that since Wei Liucheng was elected secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee in April this year and the leading group of Hainan Province has made corresponding adjustments, Hainan's attitude towards the pulp and paper forest project, which is the most serious damage to natural forests, is undergoing subtle changes: gradually changing from the development of pulp and paper forest as the top priority to the protection of coastal defense forests and natural forests

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