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Dongchen butyl rubber project received a subsidy of 15million yuan

yesterday, a message came from Dongying Port Economic Development Zone that the butyl rubber production process research and development and industrialization project of Dongchen group received a support fund of 15million yuan from the independent innovation special plan of Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology in 2013

it is understood that since this year, Dongying Port has economically developed high-energy density electrode materials; The development of automobile composite lightweight parts area adheres to the implementation of scientific and technological innovation projects as the starting point, goes deep into the enterprise to visit and investigate for more than 30 times, connects the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation with the routine inspection: pipe ring radial tension test, pipe ring diameter expansion test, pipe ring stripping test, and helps the enterprise sort out the projects, organize the project declaration, and give full play to the guiding and demonstration role of scientific and technological projects, Full promotion is also the core link to promote scientific and technological innovation, and promote the improvement of enterprises' independent innovation ability and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

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