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117 compulsory tree planting bases for sofa cloth

release date: Source: Hunan Forestry Bureau

recently, Changsha Forestry Bureau of Hunan Province released 117 compulsory tree planting bases to the society

this year, the voluntary tree planting activities in Changsha are mainly carried out in March and September. 19 municipal voluntary tree planting bases (10 afforestation and greening bases, 9 tending and management bases and other types) and 98 county (township) voluntary tree planting bases are established and improved. It is planned to achieve 12million voluntary tree planting throughout the year, with more than 4million people of appropriate age participating, so as to ensure that the due diligence rate of tree planting in export environmental affairs reaches more than 90%

during the tree planting activities, Changsha will rely on 117 city and county (township) level voluntary tree planting bases to enrich the activity carriers and forms of due diligence, and carry out eight kinds of activities such as on-site tree planting, tending and care, seed recognition and adoption, and volunteer services. For different groups of people participating in tree planting, a total of 10 carriers such as "youth forest", "Lei Feng forest", "women's forest" and "integrity forest" will be set up. If government agencies, groups, enterprises and institutions want to participate in voluntary tree planting activities, they can contact each base in the form of groups to register

at present, the city's total forest land fa-d=.......................................... formula (7) covers 602900 hectares, accounting for 51.01% of the city's land area; The forest coverage rate of the city increased from 54.8% to 55%. Over the past five years, the city has completed a total of 276900 mu of afforestation, nearly 20million people have participated in the national voluntary tree planting, and 60million trees have been voluntarily planted. Afforestation has brought great ecological benefits and made forestry contributions to the comprehensive construction of "three high and four new" modernization and good chemical stability in Hunan

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