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Oriental power! XCMG excavator helps the "road" of China Cambodia cooperation

Oriental magic! XCMG excavator helps the "road" of China Cambodia cooperation

China Construction machinery information

under the strong promotion of the "the Belt and Road" initiative

Cambodia is stepping into the fast lane of development with strong momentum

the "Golden Harbor expressway"

is China Cambodia in the "the Belt and Road" Important achievements of high-quality cooperation under the framework

the total investment of this key project is more than 2billion US dollars

after the completion of the highway, the drive from Phnom Penh to West Port will be greatly shortened

effectively reduce logistics costs

while driving the economic and social development along the line

a year ago, XCMG assisted China Road and bridge and fully supported and cooperated with the construction of Cambodia's Golden Port expressway project, Providing a complete set of construction machinery for the project construction, the solver has strong data and graphics processing functions and all-round overseas service guarantee, and its excavator products have become the first batch of equipment invested in the construction of Jin Gang expressway

the terrain along the Jin Gang expressway project is complex, with plains in the middle and south, and most areas in the East, North and West are covered by forests. Affected by the terrain and monsoon, the precipitation varies greatly

the construction environment is bad and the work intensity is high. It is not a small challenge to build a 190km long highway across mountains here. When this kind of work gathers industry decision-makers and senior technical experts from all over the world, it also has high requirements for the flexibility of the engine cycle system, power system and the whole machine of the operation equipment

after screening and construction verification, the construction company is very satisfied with the performance of xe215c hydraulic excavator provided by XCMG

in view of the construction environment in Cambodia, XCMG xe215c excavator uses an improved positive pressure degassing expansion water tank, which can quickly remove the moist gas in the engine and water channel, reduce corrosion, improve the service life of the water pump, and ensure the equipment attendance and work factors to initially form the industrialization process. At the same time, it is equipped with an imported 128.5kw high-power engine, which is powerful and fuel-efficient. The new high-efficiency main pump improves the working efficiency by 7% compared with the previous generation of products

since the commencement of the Jingang project, XCMG excavator, with its excellent quality, stable performance and ultra-high construction efficiency, has still ensured the smooth progress of construction under the operation of high intensity and high load, and won the full affirmation of the contractor. Now XCMG xe215c has become the main force of excavation and transportation in the construction of Jin Gang expressway

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, XCMG immediately arranged overseas service engineers to go to the site to guide the installation and commissioning after the equipment arrived at the construction site

after passing the commissioning acceptance and the delivery training, the service engineer conducted professional training for the operators of the construction party for the repair, maintenance and operation of the excavator

XCMG configured vulnerable parts for each equipment delivered in the first batch for one year to ensure the demand for spare parts during the construction process. In the subsequent project promotion, XCMG excavator will continue to improve the rapid response mechanism of spare parts, and timely dispatch and supplement spare parts according to the actual use, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment during the project promotion

as the first expressway in Cambodia, the golden harbor expressway, which XCMG participated in the construction, is of great significance to Cambodia's people's livelihood, transportation and economic development. This highway is the way for the Cambodian people to realize their dreams and develop, as well as the road of friendship and cooperation between China and Cambodia

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