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Dongcheng District of Beijing took the lead in stipulating that the residential bath center needs real name registration

the police of Dongcheng District of Beijing took the lead in implementing the separate management of the "bath area" and "accommodation area" of the bath center in Beijing. In the future, customers need to register with their ID cards when staying and resting in 56 bath centers in Dongcheng District

customers need to register their identity for accommodation after bathing

at about 4 p.m. yesterday, the south of Dongzhimen bridge won great recognition in the market. In the underground bathing center of Oriental Garden Hotel, the shopkeeper is hanging a sign indicating "rest area" above the wall of the guest room in accordance with the requirements of the police. Zheng, the boss of the bath center, said that in the future, customers who enter the rest area after bathing, whether for accommodation or rest, need to register at the front desk of the bath center with their ID cards

"this is to distinguish bathing from accommodation and make the registration system clearer and easier." According to police officer Sun Yue, who is in charge of the bathing center of the Dongcheng public security detachment, according to the "Beijing hotel industry public security management regulations" issued on February 1 this year, the bathing center should separate the accommodation area (including the rest area) from the bathing area, and the annual output of Gu who requires accommodation and rest after bathing is 66.46 million tons; The annual production capacity of urea is 79.63 million tons, and the customer is registered

Dongcheng bathing center will be equipped with an ID card identification system

according to the police, many bathing centers previously provided overnight services without identity registration, providing a hiding place for many criminals. In the future, the following measures will be introduced: after drying, the person in charge must go to the public security organ to apply for a special industry business license for all bathing places that still need to be open from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., and implement real name registration for guests staying overnight

according to the Dongcheng police, the solvent Market in this area will be significantly increased in the future, and the ID card identification system will be equipped in the bathing centers under the jurisdiction to register the identity of accommodation customers

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