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Royal favorite culture "12 character formula"

Royal favorite culture "12 character formula"

March 9, 2010

[Chinese paint (2) information on measuring the diameter and height of test pieces] diligence makes up for weakness: diligence makes up for weakness: diligence can make up for deficiencies. From Song Shaoyong's "Nong Bi Yin": "fake looks like true is false, will be diligent to make up for the weak, always take turns."

diligence can make up for weakness. For modern people, compared with the reality that most people are good at opportunism and eager for quick success and instant benefit, Zhongyi people firmly believe that: no pain, no gain, and the down-to-earth style of Zhongyi people let Zhongyi enterprises get out of the world economic crisis in 2008 as early as possible

performance first: performance first. People who like it pursue a culture of asking for both hard work and merit, which is specifically reflected in the establishment of a good internal incentive mechanism. In today's fierce market competition, Royal prefers to establish performance-oriented management goals. For the culture of no credit and hard work, it is also the main indicator for the performance evaluation of preferred enterprise employees. The managers of the company rationally and systematically analyze the company with the idea and method of "performance first", and establish an advanced corporate culture in combination with the actual situation of the favorite enterprise, so that employees can know themselves and break through themselves, and finally achieve a win-win situation between the favorite enterprise and employees

empty into reality: people who like it pay attention to turning emptiness into reality and refuse empty talk. People who like it pursue a real work style. The so-called emptiness refers to invisible thoughts, feelings, psychological states, etc. Reality is the specific scenery, image and goal. Turning emptiness into reality is to express invisible thoughts through specific digital goals. For example, in terms of marketing management, the company evaluates and inspects the actual performance of marketing personnel through the method of assessing business, takes out the evaluation and inspection rules, breaks down specific objectives and tasks into indicators, stipulates specific evaluation and inspection standards for the degree of each indicator, and specifies and quantifies the standards. It evaluates them item by item on a monthly basis. At the end of the year, according to the detailed rules, the original machine structure should be changed and scored item by item according to the combination of the above two schemes. Without such practical measures, the content written on paper can easily become an empty slogan

honor is the best: honor is the best. A person must have a sense of honor and a sense of honor and disgrace, so as not to go astray. The concept of honor and disgrace has existed since ancient times, and everyone has a sense of honor and disgrace. In different times, different nations and people with different world views, outlooks on life and values, their views on honor and disgrace are different

Engels said, "every social group has its own concept of honor and Disgrace", what is glory and what is disgrace. To establish the concept of honor and disgrace, we should not only carry forward the fine tradition, but also reflect the spirit of the times; The royal family prefers to base itself on China and face the world; Grasp today and face the future

just like the "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces" proposed by President Hu, it not only has the guidance of progressiveness, but also has extensive requirements. It guides people to straighten out the relationship between individuals, collectives and countries, correctly handle the relationship between individuals and society, competition and cooperation, getting rich first and getting rich together, economic benefits and social benefits if they want to be non-standard samples, and establishes the code of conduct that all citizens generally agree with and consciously abide by in socialist society

honor is the value orientation and code of conduct of the people who love it. This spirit has greatly enhanced the awareness of independence, competition, efficiency and pioneering and innovative spirit of the people who love it, and provided an ideological and cultural basis for ensuring the healthy development of Royal love

in our society, the basic concepts of right and wrong, good and evil behaviors, beauty and ugliness must not be confused. Otherwise, the society will not be harmonious and the enterprise will not develop. Honor has become the value orientation and code of conduct of everyone who likes it. An enterprise has its own spirit and fashion. "Honor for the best" has become a common practice in the royal family. In terms of Ideological and moral construction, the employees of the royal family are leading the trend of the times and promoting the continuous progress of the enterprises of the royal family

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