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Domtar group acquires Xerox's paper business in North America and Canada

Domtar group, the largest paper producer and distributor in North America, recently signed an acquisition agreement with Xerox through its subsidiary to formally acquire the latter's printing paper business in the United States and Canada

Xerox brand enjoys a high reputation in the paper industry. Selling a whole ship with two brands requires about 500 specifications of ship plates, which will make the company more competitive and better serve customers. Said John D. Williams, President and CEO of Domtar group

it is reported that when Xerox did not start producing paper, Domtar group has been engaged in a series of coated and uncoated paper, printing paper, carbon free paper and wide format paper. This business will currently be under the jurisdiction of the pulp and Paper Department of Domtar group, which will be responsible for the operation and distribution of Xerox branded paper and printing paper

Frank Edmonds, senior vice president of Xerox Global paper supply and distribution company, also said that as Xerox focuses its business more on services and innovative document technology, we see that customers prefer the services of paper giants. The cooperation between the two sides is win-win. Xerox will benefit from Domtar group, and the product line of Domtar group will be richer. Our customers will also get one-stop comprehensive services and distribution channels

Xerox will continue to sell its own brand of consumables, including toner, ink and Xerox ink cartridges. The transaction between the two sides is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2013. Until then, customers in the region will continue to provide relevant services and products previously provided by Xerox

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