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Liaocheng, January 15 (Wang Cheng) on January 13, Yifen reported through Qilu Yidian intelligence station, the client of Qilu Evening News, that in the early morning of January 13, the wires over Xiangjiang Road near zhuozhuang, Donga County burned. The on-site interview found that the car parked on Xiangjiang Road was burned and the goods on the truck were ignited

13 in the afternoon, we saw at the scene of the incident that on the 800 meter long road north of the intersection of Xiangjiang Road and Ejiao street, there were more than a dozen burning marks in the green belt on the east side of the road, some green belts were scattered with charred and burned cables, and there were also strip burning marks on the asphalt road, The air can still be vaguely smelled, while the electro-hydraulic servo universal data testing machine uses the servo valve or proportional valve as the control element to stop controlling the burning smell. It was found that the burning wires were located on the electric poles up to more than ten meters above the green belt. There were three wires on the electric poles, running north-south. After the fire, some of the wires on the electric poles had been broken and fell to the ground

Mr. Wang, a resident of dong'a, said that at about 0:30 a.m. on the 13th, he finished working overtime and ate a bowl of wonton in the shop. As soon as he walked a short distance, he saw that the wire was on fire, like a fire dragon, mixed with noise

"at that time, the wires kept making a 'Zizi Lala' sound, and then a 'boom' sounded. Black smoke was everywhere, and fire engines were fighting the fire." A) production trial production and finalization inspection of the new factory living on the roadside of Xiangjiang Road; A resident told him that he heard the explosion in his sleep and ran out of his house to see that the wires on the road were on fire. The burnt wire fell down and ignited a Mitsubishi car, which later exploded

at the scene of the incident, the car residents said was burned to the frame. "At that time, we heard a bang, and when we came out, it was on fire. Because it was not easy to contact the brake at night. At that time, there was also significant progress in machinery. The guard didn't dare to move when he came, and it burned." The car owner said that his car was a Mitsubishi Junge with the highest configuration. Because he was dry logistics, all his accounts and some stock certificates were still stored in the car when the fire broke out. These were counted, and the loss was relatively large

walking along the road, I found that some white goods with charring marks were scattered on the road, and someone was collecting these goods for loading. A man who is involved in sorting the goods said that these goods are a kind of insulation material called rock wool. When the fire broke out, some rock wool was burnt because the truck full of rock wool was under the wire

in addition to wires, some burnt communication cables were also found at the scene of the fire, and some staff are repairing these communication cables. According to the staff, the burnt communication cable was also damaged because it was under the fire wire. The damage of communication cables will affect the and broadband in some areas. They are paying close attention to repair

the staff who are handling the cables scattered on the ground along the line said that they are the workers who repair the lines. Today's task is to collect the wires and repair them according to the maintenance plan. A staff member surnamed Liu who claimed to be responsible for dealing with the property damage of residents said that they belonged to dong'a Huatong Thermal Power Co., Ltd. the cause of the wire fire is still under investigation, and it is estimated that the line is short circuited. The line on fire is dedicated to power supply for an enterprise, so the fire will not affect residents' electricity consumption. At present, the enterprise has been relocated, so the line on fire belongs to "empty line". In the afternoon of January 15, it was learned that the line on fire was still under repair, and the old line damaged by the fire had been removed

Liaocheng, January 15 (correspondent Li huailei, Li Xiaohui, Wu Yingjie) the truck driving on the highway actually reversed twice, almost causing a traffic accident. On the 12th, Liaocheng highway traffic police found an illegal vehicle during video patrol, and the driver will face a fine of 200 yuan and a 12 point driver's license

on the evening of the 12th, when the police of Gaotang brigade of Liaocheng expressway traffic police detachment were on duty at night at Gaotang west law enforcement station, they found through video patrol that a large truck with LUP license plate had backed up on the highway for two consecutive times, which almost caused a traffic accident. The police identified and verified its illegal behavior according to law, and the driver of the car was facing a penalty of 12 points on the driver's license and a fine of 200 yuan

according to the surveillance video provided by the police, at more than 8 p.m. on the 12th, the truck with LUP license plate, at 0km+335m of Gaoxing expressway, was suspected to have gone up and down the wrong crossing. After parking, it began to reverse. At this time, large and small vehicles came and went on the road, and its illegal behavior was very dangerous. After a unsuccessful reversing, the truck picked up the vehicle and continued to reverse. In the process of reversing, the car almost hit a normal car, and the process was very dangerous

according to the police, the speed of vehicles on the highway is generally relatively fast. Illegal parking and reversing not only affect the normal traffic of vehicles, but also easily lead to vicious rear end accidents at night, which is a great threat to the safety of the highway. According to the police, according to relevant laws and regulations, the driver of the car will face a fine of 200 yuan and a 12 point driver's license

breathtaking! The driver's license of reversing continuously on the highway was recorded 12 points and fined 200 yuan

loss report statement

I Zhang Li (ID number:) lost the settlement sheet of the purchase voucher of haiyuange Hotel due to carelessness. The document recorded the date of December 25th, 2018, and the total amount was (rmb942.4 yuan in words: nine hundred forty-two yuan and forty-four Jiao). Now I hereby declare that the above-mentioned notes and amounts are invalid, and all consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by me

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