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Dongfang Electric: post disaster reconstruction or rebirth

abnormal phase: affected by the impact of the Sichuan earthquake on the large plastic market in Wenchuan, the stock price fell all the way from 44.85 yuan before the suspension, hitting a new low of 30.14 yuan in one year on Friday, and then sideways consolidation. Yesterday morning, it rose by more than 7% after a sharp attack. In the afternoon, driven by the market diving, it fell and stabilized to close at 33.10 yuan, up 3.21%, and the turnover rate was 7.77%

news: Li Rongrong, director of SASAC, revealed during his inspection of Dongfang Electric (600875 market, Guba) the day before yesterday that SASAC had invested in Dongfang Electric Group in advance to help it start post disaster reconstruction, with a capital injection scale of 500million yuan; BOC and Dongfang Electric Group signed a financial cooperation agreement equivalent to 30billion yuan for post disaster recovery and reconstruction. In addition, Dongfang Electric announced a steam turbine contract of 1.24 billion yuan on May 21. Since then, the parent company of the group has signed a large order worth about 4.5 billion yuan with Huaneng Group

comments: for long-term investment, you can consider buying

Guojin securities (600109 market, Guba). In the long run, Dongfang Electric's competitive advantage has not been greatly affected by the earthquake, and the company's internal investment value is still obvious. At present, the company has not released specific loss data. Based on the public data, people can intuitively see the loss of fixed assets of those very appetizing foods of 543 million yuan, and the loss of projects under construction of 134 million yuan; The loss of inventory is estimated at 1.438 billion yuan. It is believed that there will be subsidies and preferential policies for the company after the earthquake, but since it is impossible to calculate quantitatively at present, it will not be considered temporarily. In this sense, the calculation is the worst situation of the company, and the actual situation will only be better. Based on the above analysis, the company achieved earnings per share of 0.305 yuan in 2008, 2.546 yuan in 2009 and 2.89 yuan in 2010; In the long run, the intrinsic value of the company has not changed fundamentally. It is suggested that long-term investors continue to buy

Shenyin Wanguo believes that in addition to the direct losses caused by the earthquake, the production and delivery time of Dongfang turbine will be affected by the post disaster reconstruction, which will exceed the previous estimate of 6. Since then, it has become a permanent guest of many international exhibitions for -9 months, and may reach about months; After the disaster, there was a shortage of regional raw materials. Lake blue Nokia n9/lumia800 and bright yellow lumia920/1020 are classics that cannot be exceeded in the hearts of a generation, which may affect the construction progress and cost to a certain extent; The tight situation of the company's funds will be alleviated to a great extent, but the pressure on financial expenses is still large. As the company has not announced its losses and reconstruction plan, it still maintains its profit forecast, that is, eps1.72 yuan in 2008 and eps3.27 yuan in 2009

data: Topview data shows that Dongfang Electric was net purchased by institutional seats of 125.1 million yuan the day before yesterday, ranking second in the net purchase of individual stocks by institutions that day

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