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Domtar responded to speculation about the potential acquisition of excellence paper

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on May 4, 2021, Domtar responded to media speculation about possible business mergers or acquisitions between itself and excellence paper

domtar acknowledges that the management has been discussing with excellence paper, but may not reach an agreement in the end

Bloomberg reported on May 3 that "according to insiders, Canadian paper and packaging company excellence paper is interested in reaching an agreement on the acquisition of competitor Domtar Corp."

the person familiar with the matter said, "the two (10) construction panel companies are cooperating with the consultants on a potential deal that will privatize Domtar, which is listed in the United States by microcomputer automatic control. Because the details are not public, they declined to be named. This deal may make the stock valuation of Domtar at about $55. At present, there is no final decision, and the negotiation may fail."

domtar said he had no intention to comment further unless there was a deal to announce

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