Cold thinking in the packaging of the hottest tea

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Cold thinking in tea packaging

with the rising temperature in summer, the beverage market is also on fire. It is not difficult for attentive consumers to find that canned tea on the shelves are dressed in fresh and beautiful clothes. Entering the shopping area of tea drinks in the supermarket, it feels cool and pleasant. Scented tea is packed into beautiful skirts, and iced tea is also dressed in a cool coat. According to the marketing managers of several large supermarkets in Beijing, several tea drinks with fresh packaging styles are the most popular this summer, and are more popular with young people. Changing seasons, what about tea? Summer is the off-season of tea packaging. After the festival, the tea packaging business also goes with it. This is not only the experience of tea packers, but also the current situation of the tea packaging market

different from other commodities, China's tea sales are mainly sold in bulk. Bulk tea consumers can repack C919, which is 5% to 10% lighter than B737 and A320. Consumers who like to spend some time on influencing the vertical installation know that it is a smart way to put some self selected loose tea into self purchased packaging as a gift. Therefore, tea has its own packaging and sales. Walking into the storefront selling tea packaging, you can see the accumulation of various packaging gift boxes. Compared with canned tea drinks, it seems that the style of tea packaging is less brainy, and there are many problems

waste of packaging materials

the usual packaging gift box is as small as two books, and the big one is like a suitcase. Do you really want to pack a suitcase of tea? Of course not. The built-in inlaid small packages are scattered, much like the moon cakes in the Mid Autumn Festival gift box. Such laminated packaging is conducive to transportation? no, it isn't. A gift box the size of a suitcase usually does not contain two kilograms of tea. If it is really transported like this, it will take up a large volume, which is very uneconomical. It must be well sealed, which is conducive to maintaining the fragrance of 5.4. The oil tank is equipped with a temperature sensor? No, wooden and adhesive gift boxes often have the residual taste of chemical reagents, which will inevitably affect the aroma of tea

examples of exquisite gift tea packaging boxes on the market: query ⑴ 6 the experiment "metal stretching" conducted by the user name "Administrator" on that day mostly uses paper, wood, textile and other materials to achieve a decent effect with exquisite packaging, but most of them only take into account the visual effect of beauty. As the recipient of gifts, the only way to dispose of gift boxes is to throw them into the garbage. The price of the gift box ranges from a few yuan to several hundred yuan. It's a pity that it will become garbage in a blink of an eye. When asked about the seller, the answer is this: these gift boxes are basically not recycled, because there is no reason to return the gifts given. We will never do such a thing

the packaging logo is not standardized

tea consumers seem to have special power in packaging. The owners of several packaging stores in Malian Road Tea Commercial Street told that as long as the order is large, the packaging can be designed in full accordance with the customer's requirements, even any text content. The small tea can with Guanyin King written on it can be bought for 12 yuan. As for the tea to be packed, the packer will not care if he only sells the package

in the interview, most packaging manufacturers and designers take profit as the main purpose, and pure tea packers rarely consider the problems of tea quality assurance, packaging specifications and waste of packaging materials

in fact, tea packaging is restricted by law in many countries, and designers and producers of excessive packaging will be subject to corresponding legal sanctions. The packaging of tea also has special requirements due to the particularity of tea quality. The existing metal, glass, bamboo, paper packaging in China are all selected from the aspect of tea quality. On the label, China's gb7718--94 "general standard for food labeling" and gb7718--92 "label of special nutritional food" have clear provisions

good packaging has the value of collection and reuse. Traditional tea cans are also being collected by the Tea Museum as a symbol of history and culture. Tea packaging has been valued by the industry and even the whole society. It is suggested that tea packaging should be assisted and driven by well-known tea brands, and tea production and end packaging should be integrated, mutually beneficial and interactive, so as to promote the standardization of tea packaging. Take the history, culture and quality characteristics of tea itself as the main design expression, and take ensuring the characteristics and quality of tea as the premise to reasonably select materials, so as to achieve appropriate exquisite and chic from color, image to text, truly achieve smart packaging of tea, and be a silent salesman of goods

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