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Collaborative Procurement under just in time production

after China's entry into WTO, with the intensification of market competition pressure and the acceleration of market changes, enterprises are required to make rapid internal adjustments. At the same time, enterprises are facing common problems, such as the need to speed up the launch of new products, the production of multiple varieties, less batch, mixed scheduling, customer orders adjusted at any time, frequent order insertion and so on. It also requires enterprises to make reasonable arrangements according to market demand and their own production capacity, and plan and arrange relatively stable and executable production plans

in the process of enterprise informatization being more and more applied by most enterprises, there are also many problems that cannot be solved by ERP system at present. The traditional MRP II and ERP systems have played a good role in the internal transaction processing, information sharing and transmission of enterprises. The ERP system has achieved the integration of applications and the combination with finance. However, due to its inherent deficiencies in production planning, it is difficult for the production and manufacturing departments to arrange production scheduling, and in many cases, they have to manually arrange workshop operation plans, which also leads to the uncontrollability of suppliers to purchase materials. In this way, the plan is not implemented due to the change of factory capacity itself or the completeness of materials, which leads to the increase of factory inventory, but often lack of materials. The traditional ERP software often fails to do a good job in the enforceability of workshop production plan, This is because:

● unlimited capacity assumption (capacity analysis is after the plan is generated)

● fixed production lead time (considering production volatility, the lead time is set according to the worst case, resulting in unlimited expansion of the production cycle)

● regular batch planning, by week, month or even half a year Year (and the workshop needs a more detailed plan, by day, hour, or even minute)

so the usual solution for enterprises is to use people to make an executable plan accurate to each production line in each work center. This is the executable daily production plan outside the system made by the enterprise planning department. The manufacturing plant of an enterprise usually carries out the production and manufacturing of the plant in full accordance with the plan

based on the enforceability level of this manual plan, this kind of plan is also relatively high in enforceability and stability. However, this part of the data is outside the system, so the traditional ERP cannot decompose this data in the next step. If we can reduce the inventory amount of the enterprise warehouse and keep the inventory management cost high, it is very important to arrive in time for production. On this basis, the concept of Collaborative Procurement under just in time production came into being, which is the current solution to this kind of problem - supplier relationship management system, that is, the familiar SRM system - Collaborative procurement supply chain system with poor heat resistance mode

Collaborative Procurement Mode under the condition of just in time production is a procurement management mode that thoroughly pursues the rationality, efficiency and flexibility of the procurement process. It has been applied in many industries and enterprises. Similarly, its basic ideas, principles and techniques are of great significance and value to the modernization of production and management methods of all enterprises

in order to achieve the procurement mode under just in time production, BenQ Zhulu guru SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) system can help enterprises achieve better results in the application of management software from the following aspects

Collaborative Procurement guru e-procurement can first achieve internal resource integration and internal collaboration by establishing a shared e-HUB for production management, sales, procurement, finance, etc. For enterprises, due to frequent plan changes, the arrival time of materials used in their production will also change. Once the date and quantity of the customer's sales order change, the ERP needs to re run MRP, which will greatly affect the operability of ERP. Through the supplier relationship management system, once our planners understand the variability of the plan, they can change the production plan at the first time, re plan the shortage plan, and get the latest planned arrival schedule of materials, so as to reduce the inventory cycle of materials. On this basis, bring suppliers to this platform and establish internal and external collaboration. Scheduling can be based on the quota that can effectively improve the work efficiency of suppliers, so that the system automatically assigns the schedule to each supplier according to these principles, and the procurement department will release the schedule to the supplier for scheduling confirmation. At the same time, purchase and supplier's order confirmation and supplier's delivery are realized on the platform. In this way, the real JIT material procurement mode can be achieved

purchase sourcing guru E-Sourcing, suppliers' new products can appear in the product catalog of the system in time, and enterprises can order directly from suppliers through their own system or network. Procurement informatization can realize the efficient and intelligent procurement of standard, high and polyurethane structural parts and sound insulation parts, and effectively manage the information of products and suppliers; It can flexibly formulate multiple purchase rules and integrate multiple purchase transaction methods; Through the integration with ERP system, the procurement business can be analyzed in real time, and the intelligent and efficient procurement platform can be flexibly configured according to the demand; It can realize efficient cooperation in the product development process, such as orderly information sharing, security management of information, and intelligent analysis of emerging problems

supplier performance evaluation guru e-supplier rating can help enterprises optimize the supply structure: the system has established a scientific and perfect supplier performance evaluation system, and uses the Performance Scorecard to comprehensively evaluate the supplier performance, so as to achieve objective and quantitative evaluation, and can combine the artificial flexibility evaluation data to form a comprehensive evaluation analysis

the competition in the future production industry is actually the competition between supply chains. Building a fast supply chain system has become a crucial strategic task. For enterprises, choosing a reasonable procurement mode will improve the cost, efficiency and customer satisfaction, which will be an important means to build core competitiveness. (end)

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