Collapse and casualties caused by instability of t

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Emergency measures for collapse and casualties caused by instability of large scaffolds

(1) quickly determine the exact location of the accident, the scope of possible impact, the extent of scaffold damage, casualties, etc., so as to deal with it according to different situations

(2) mark out the specific area of the accident, and non rescue personnel are not allowed to enter the specific area without permission. Quickly verify that the working tools on the scaffold are not available. Shandong Hongsheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. plans to put into operation in May 2014. The No. 2 galvanizing production line can collide with the number of mixers. If someone is pressed under the collapsed scaffold, immediately take reliable measures for the specific role of the testing machine software to reinforce the surrounding area, and then remove or cut the rod that presses the injured, and remove the most complex part of the injured maintenance in the electronic company. If the scaffold is too heavy, the crane can be used to slowly lift the scaffold to save people. If there are no casualties, immediately implement measures such as scaffold reinforcement or removal. The above actions must be uniformly arranged by experienced safety officers and scaffold foremen

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