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The collection of industrial control Museum exhibition

1. Preface:

the China industrial control Museum (hereinafter referred to as "the China industrial control Museum"), initiated by Evonik and jointly established with the industrial control professional committee of the Chinese computer society, aims to leave a trail for the development of China's industrial control industry and record the development process of China's industrial control industry; Complete the accumulation and summary of China's industrial control technology, realize the common prosperity and progress with western countries in the industrial control computer era, so as to better promote the future development of China's industrial control industry

as the world's first Chinese industrial control Museum in China, "China Industrial Expo" will integrate the collection, collection, research, exchange and display of industrial control cultural relics and related industrial control equipment, systematically reflect the development history of China's industrial control industry, and hold academic seminars, technical exchanges Special display and other measures comprehensively display and carry forward the brilliant achievements and industrial control culture of the Chinese nation and the world industrial control industry to the public at home and abroad

the preparation of the "China Industrial Expo" has a great impact on the industrial control industry in China and even the world, showing its great role and contribution to the world industrial control industry. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the world's industrial control industry, connect with the world's development, and better display its cultural connotation and technical value, "China Industrial Expo" decided to solicit the emblem from the public

II. Design requirements:

reflect the characteristics of industrial computer or control characteristics

has strong characteristics of modern decoration and historical and cultural integration

it has visual beauty and is easy to recognize and remember

III. organization method:

1. Deadline for scheme solicitation: September 30, 2005

2. The selected scheme China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development. Experts will be organized by the "China International Industrial Museum" to select and select, with 1 adoption award, 2 second prizes, 5 third prizes and 10 encouragement awards, each of which is 10000 yuan, 5000 yuan, 1000 yuan and 500 yuan. All winners will obtain lifelong membership of the "China Industrial Expo" and visit all exhibitions and public activities of the "China Industrial Expo" free of charge for life. With the approval of the museum, they can also obtain other appropriate rights and interests

3. Works shall not be plagiarized, and legal disputes shall be borne by the author. The ownership of the award-winning works belongs to the "China Industrial Expo"

4. Submission method of manuscript:

please leave your real name and contact method. The manuscript will not be returned. Please keep the final manuscript by yourself

send e-mail: yu@

mail to: Shenzhen chegongmiao Tian'an Digital City Tianji building, 7th floor, block B

"China industrial control Museum" logo design can even help customers realize the conversion from metal parts to plastic parts or replace the weight and the back cover of the hardness tester with the electroplating process plan solicitation Office of plastic parts,

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note: one A4 print and one electronic document are required. Please indicate the words "collection of logo design scheme of China industrial control Museum" in your contributions

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