Cold thinking under the hottest energy storage

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Cold thinking under the heat of energy storage

although subsidies are not mentioned, the guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage technology and Industry issued in October 2017 is still called "the spring of energy storage" by the industry. With the spring breeze blowing, the demand for energy storage in all directions broke through the ground. Large and small forums one by one, energy storage has become the most popular topic

local governments, on hearing the news, have launched policies to support the development of energy storage and put energy storage projects into practice. Shanxi Province's thermal power energy storage joint frequency modulation, Jiangsu Province's power side and user side energy storage work together. Henan has carried out the first large-scale power side energy storage project in the central region, the water and scenery supporting energy storage in Qinghai Province, and the thermal power energy storage joint frequency modulation and power spot market energy storage demand in Guangdong Province. At present, the energy storage industry covers almost all provinces in the country

under the stimulation of policies, the energy storage industry has stood on the wind. Several major power groups, power equipment enterprises, power battery enterprises, electric vehicle enterprises have entered. In addition, after the 531 new deal, some photovoltaic enterprises that fell from the tuyere also turned to energy storage. A year ago, it was a small-scale energy storage. Suddenly, many players poured into it, and suddenly it became lively

according to the statistics of Zhongguancun energy storage technology alliance, as of the first half of 2018, the cumulative installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage projects in China was 490.2 MW, an increase of 26% compared with the end of 2017. What are the maintenance skills of the 100.4 MW universal material testing machine for the newly added electrochemical energy storage project? Let's take a look. It accounts for 14% of the global new scale, with a year-on-year increase of 127%

source: official account "Energy Research Club" id:nyqbyj Author: Qi Zhengping

it can be said that it is like a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms. The same is the policy promotion, which reminds people of the centralized and distributed outbreak that the photovoltaic industry has experienced in recent years. The difference is that the foundation of photovoltaic is actually better. There has been a long time of accumulation in technology and industry before the outbreak. The accumulation of energy storage industry is relatively weak, and it is just starting in all aspects. Various problems brought by the photovoltaic circle finally broke out in 531, which makes people worry about whether the accelerator of energy storage is too full. Of course, maybe this is just groundless

however, looking at watmar, a traditional powerhouse of power batteries, one year's "flash collapse" makes people sigh. The era of Ningde, the big unicorn, is also in danger after the decline of subsidies and the entry of Japanese and Korean rivals into the white list, while the fallen giant will inject new development vitality into the EPS industry, which has rarely been mentioned by xishangde. It can be seen that in the seemingly stable energy circle, the drama of prosperity falling overnight will also be staged at any time and forgotten at any time. How much opportunities the influx of capital brings, how much risk it will bring

however, in various new business forms, compared with smart energy and integrated energy services, energy storage has less complex systems, and seems to be less illusory, more visible and touchable. Energy storage has a wide range of application scenarios, including renewable energy integration, auxiliary services, distribution, power side, user side, both old and new businesses, can be linked with energy storage. Therefore, in the case of distributed silence and other abstract new business forms, with the support of policies, all parties have unlimited enthusiasm for the investment and construction of energy storage

looking at the multi-point layout and doubling of the scale of energy storage projects in a year, I dare not easily say whether the market is overheated, but judging from the development time and foundation of energy storage, there are still many immature places. At present, relying on the peak valley price difference arbitrage is still the only feasible business model, which is also the main reason for the fastest and largest development of energy storage in Jiangsu (the peak valley price difference in Jiangsu is about 70 cents per kilowatt hour of arbitrage space). However, for different places, even if the price difference between peak and valley is large enough, whether the energy storage project makes money depends on the local industrial structure and insufficient operation of enterprises, among which the wet diaphragm shipments are 460million. It is still a difficult problem to explore a business model of energy storage that is economical, can not rely on subsidies, and can withstand the test of the market

from the technical problems, construction quality problems and safety problems encountered by some energy storage projects at present, all of them reflect that China's energy storage industry is still in a relatively primary stage, which is far from the international advanced level. There is still a long way to go to achieve the goals of the 13th five year plan and the 14th five year plan put forward in the guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry

the prospect of energy storage is fantastic, and the redemption brought by energy storage to renewable energy is exciting. However, in order to find the right route in this blue ocean, enterprises entering the competition need to keep a calm thinking. In the investment boom, the drafting group believes that the index requirement of 0.2mm is more reasonable, and does not follow the trend. It is rational to invest in long-term planning. It is not only good at riding the east wind of policy and power system reform, but also actively explore its own business model in practice

in short, energy storage has just started on the road. When the road conditions are not known, it is necessary to loosen the accelerator and step on the brake from time to time. After all, only when you walk steadily can you go far

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