The weakest CSI futures contract in recent months

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China Securities Futures: weak contracts in recent months send adverse signals. Crude oil returned to the $70 level

yesterday, the financial market generally fell, the European and American stock markets fell little, the London interbank offered rate continued to fall, and the dollar hit a new high since 2007, indicating that the market mentality is not too bad, and some measures in the previous period are still effective. Commodities fell, metals were the weakest, and crude oil returned to around 70. The contract expired in November yesterday, but the decline was larger than that of the far month contract, indicating that the selling in recent months is relatively heavy. The US spot market may be deformed and increased, and some changes will be made soon. If the inventory report tomorrow shows that the inventory continues to increase, it will be a blow to the oil price. Relatively speaking, heating oil without energy consumption has performed well since October, and the market's expectation of winter demand is still there. This factor and the need to carry out fatigue experiments of materials under alternating loads are the support that may hinder the sharp decline in prices in the near future. However, crude oil is still in a weak state. Fuel oil in the domestic market soared and fell yesterday, with insufficient upward confidence. There is a big gap between domestic and foreign friction and wear testing machines for various reasons. During this period, it is stronger than crude oil, and the directionality is not strong. Pay attention to the opportunity of short selling near 3500

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