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176 China heavy truck products will be sold on site in Zaoyang

176 China heavy truck products will be sold on site in Zaoyang

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on October 15, the Seoul Hotel in Zaoyang was very popular, and a high-quality, high-performance China heavy truck products appreciation meeting is in progress. This "more, faster, better and more economical, win the dry polyimide line" sinotruk HOWO/howan tasting was jointly held by Wuhan Branch of SINOTRUK sales department and Zaoyang Zhaoxu Automobile Service Co., Ltd. the event was lively, with more than 300 participants and 176 vehicles ordered on site

in the outfield, the tall and powerful t7H tractor, the exquisite and beautiful T5 and J5 trucks are extremely eye-catching, and people are flocking around the exhibition vehicle to ask staff configuration parameters, etc. In the middle of the exhibition car, a t7H caravan became the focus of attention. Everyone watched wonderful promotional videos and actively participated in order to avoid various small games of water dance in the cold and hot impact test box. 12 Electrode tensile testing machine provides a variety of report printing interfaces continuously

during the conference, the signing of key customers, the announcement of promotional policies, the delivery of deposits in the subscription area and other links pushed the tasting to a climax again and again. Finally, the large screen showed that the number of cars purchased reached 176

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