161kV submarine cable will be laid between the hot

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161kV submarine cable will be laid between Taiwan and Penghu

it is reported that 161kV submarine cable line will be laid between Taiwan and Penghu. The project plan has been planned as early as three years ago, and a feasibility study report has been prepared, including: Sea area, wind speed data collection, construction planning, coastal fishery ecology, fishing boat navigation safety and other assessments. It is necessary to take into account the three major topics of economy, environmental protection and ecology at the same time

this submarine cable line is connected from yunlinkou lake power plant to Penghu Jianshan power plant. The plan is to adopt a single core 600mm2ac161kv cross-linked polyethylene insulated optical fiber composite submarine power cable. Each cable includes a 12 core optical cable. The transmission capacity of each circuit is 200MW, the length of submarine cable is 58.8 kilometers, the maximum sea depth is 140-150 meters, the buried depth is 2 meters, and the buried depth near the sea is 5 meters. The total investment of the project is 14.88 billion new Taiwan dollars. Completed in 2011

Xiao Yongkuan, manager of Taipower Penghu operation office, said that Solvay developed TECHNYL reg, which contains patented self reinforcing technology in the polymer chain; According to the assessment of tedx smart materials, the current power supply situation in Penghu can only be maintained until 2010. At that time, the power supply of Jianshan power plant will be insufficient, and the submarine cable plan is imperative. In the future, the longest undersea cable line in Taiwan will mark a new milestone in Taiwan's power development history, which can be completed as soon as 2011

as early as 2005, Cai Yingjiu, deputy general manager of Taipower, said in Penghu that Taipower would spend NT $10billion to build a submarine cable between the main island of Taiwan and the Penghu Islands. The packaging of food and beverages in Taiwan and Penghu will be the largest biodegradable plastic, and the submarine cable is expected to be completed in 2011. At that time, Taipower will also set up 231 wind power plants in Penghu, making Penghu a "green energy demonstration county"

Cai Yingjiu said that in order to solve the problem of insufficient power supply in Penghu, Taipower will build a 161kV submarine cable system between Taiwan and Penghu when the expansion power supply of the existing Taipower Penghu Jianshan power plant is saturated in 2011

Penghu County has been striving for the addition of wind power plants. However, according to the provisions of the energy law, the power supply of wind power in the outlying islands cannot exceed 20% of the total power supply. At the same time, Taipower has eight Penghu Zhongtun power plants. At the same time, the power generation capacity of the units is close. If Taipower originally planned to add another six wind power generators in kuibi mountain, Huxi Township, it would be 20% and can no longer be built according to the law. However, if the construction of taipeng submarine cable from the speed range of 1~500mm/min on the island is enough to supply power, The wind power generation ratio is not limited by the upper limit

Cai Yingjiu said that after the completion of the submarine cable in Taiwan and Penghu, Taipower will make use of Penghu's unique wind resources to set up a total of 231 sets of wind turbines in Makong, Baisha, Huxi, Xiyu and other townships and cities in Penghu County. With eight existing Zhongtun power plants, there will be 239 sets of wind turbines in Penghu at that time, making Penghu the "hometown of windmills"

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