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The working meeting of Fangyuan Group sales company was held

in the afternoon of February 9, the sales working meeting of Fangyuan group was held, and all sales staff attended the meeting. The meeting comprehensively deployed the sales work in 2017. Liu, general manager of the group, attended the meeting and made a speech on the current global pattern of plastic machinery

at the meeting, the managers of the first and second sales companies of Fangyuan group announced the regional division of overseas institutions, the staffing and sales tasks after the superposition and analysis of group experimental curves

the business managers with outstanding sales performance in 2016 made an exchange of experience at the meeting


the working meeting of Fangyuan Group sales company was held

Zhang ruizao, deputy general manager of the group, made a speech at the meeting, pointing out that the adjustment of the sales area is an arrangement made according to the overall deployment of the group and the comprehensive consideration of the market situation and the 2016 sales performance of overseas institutions, so as to give full play to the maximum potential of business personnel and promote the sales work in 2017, All sales personnel are required to correctly treat the regional adjustment of the group company and the assigned tasks and objectives, strengthen the method is to increase the viscosity confidence of heavy oil, overcome difficulties, do everything possible to complete the tasks assigned by the group company, and offer gifts to the 24th anniversary of the founding of Fangyuan group, the 4th and 17th anniversary of the plant

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Liu Changcheng, general manager of the group, made a speech at the meeting, pointing out that the sales area in 2017 has been defined, and the mission objectives of the overseas offices have been clarified, requiring everyone to strive towards the established mission objectives and strive to complete the tasks assigned by the group company. At the same time, we put forward specific requirements for all sales staff. First, we should establish the ambition of the officers to start a business, actively face the severe market situation and fierce market competition, establish the courage to fight hard and forge ahead, maintain the tenacity of indomitable and continuous operations, and radiate the courage to fight and break through; Second, we should take team operations as the core, give play to collective advantages, and work together to face the market. Business managers should have the ability to organize, coordinate, and communicate, be selfless, lead the team to tackle key problems, and successfully complete the sales tasks assigned by the company; Third, we should have a sincere heart of loyalty to Fangyuan, be honest, act honestly, take honesty as the foundation, be proud of Fangyuan, be clean, be cautious in words and deeds, and strive to realize the dream of "a hundred year radius". (this article is from Wang Xinjun, Publicity Department of Fangyuan group

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