15t ethylene oxide leaked from the hottest Hangpu

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At 5:08 a.m. on April 1, a series of four cars collided in the North South Lake toll station of Hangpu Expressway towards Shanghai. The accident caused 5 people to be trapped, and all of them were injured to varying degrees. Among the rear end vehicles, the valve of one of the vehicles loaded with 15 tons of ethylene oxide was damaged when the rectangular sample was tested, resulting in a large amount of leakage of highly toxic chemicals

it was learned from the fire department at the scene that at about 7 o'clock, the five injured and trapped people were rescued by fire fighters and have been sent to hospital

at present, rescuers are carrying out emergency disposal of the leaked ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide, also known as ethylene oxide, is the simplest cyclic ether. It is a colorless gas at room temperature and a colorless and easily flowing liquid below 10.7 ℃, with the smell of ether. The vapor of ethylene oxide is irritating to the eyes and nasal mucosa. It is miscible with water, alcohol and ether. Its chemical property is very active. It can react with many compounds when the temperature affects it. Its main effect is to dry the cable core. When the cable core is large, it forms an explosive mixture with air. The explosion limit is 3%-100% (volume). Ethylene oxide is a highly toxic substance. The allowable amount in the air is 100ppm. Inhalation of ethylene oxide can cause anesthesia and poisoning

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