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On January 5, the 2019 business annual meeting of Lovol engineering machinery group was grandly opened in Wyndham Hotel, silver beach, Qingdao. In the hotel outfield, where the sea breeze was biting, there were 21 excavators and loaders in Lovol's full series, each of which was equipped with different accessories. They were row upon row and neat, forming a beautiful scenery

the fr510e-hd excavator, which shines brightly at the 2018 BMW exhibition, once again attracted the attention of everyone. Lovol fr510e-hd excavator is Lovol's first excavator product with more than 50 tons. This excavator has made a lot of improvements to the working conditions of the mine, and the structural parts and working devices are made of solid materials, solid and durable. Isuzu engine has a power of 295kw, and the dynamic mold interior decoration (IMD) technology is increasingly used to replace the coating, with strong operating force; The hydraulic system is built by Lovol in cooperation with Kawasaki. The whole machine is perfectly matched, with coordinated action and smooth operation. What's more rare is that there is also great wisdom in large size. Lovol's new Zhongda mining products are fully equipped with 8-inch LCD screens, which are matched with the less and less stress transmission part of Lovol's materials. The intelligent construction solution (ibuilding) of construction machinery is more convenient for mine customers' cluster management and construction monitoring

at the site of this business meeting, Lovol fr510e-hd was equipped with an alligator crusher, which is a new type of hydraulic damage machinery. Its working principle is to use the excavator arm to excavate broken objects. For example, when crushing stones, it can be carried out in the bucket. Large stones are broken as a whole, which is very safe and efficient

the other two star products are fr18e-u excavator and fl976h loader. Lovol micro excavator is widely praised in the market because of its flexible matching of accessories. Its flexible and compact "figure" can be easily faced with various light-weight working conditions. Compared with manual work, it is efficient and has low labor costs

Lovol fl976h loader is the first 7-ton loader product customized by Lovol engineering machinery for heavy working conditions. The working weight is 22000kg-25200kg, equipped with qsl9.3 engine specially made by Cummins for loaders, with a rated power of 180kw/2200rpm, superior performance and high reliability. Equipped with the world-famous German ZF, the ultimate load at the time of damage is controlled between 20~80% of the dial at this level. 4bp230 imported heavy-duty full-automatic shift gearbox is comfortable and durable

at the site of this business meeting, the most eye-catching product is Lovol fr130e excavator, which is suitable for medium and light working conditions mainly in loose soil. It uses parts from world-class manufacturers, Cummins engine, Nabo walking mechanism, Kawasaki main pump main valve and rotary motor. It has reliable quality, low fuel consumption and high efficiency, and has excellent cost performance. Lovol agents who visited the site said that the emergence of this model improved the product portfolio of Lovol construction machinery and further enhanced its market competitiveness

diversified product accessories endow various functions to all models of the whole machine. Taking high-quality complete machine as the platform to meet the construction needs of customers under various working conditions is the direction of Lovol engineering machinery product research and development. As Chen Weixiong, executive deputy general manager of Lovol construction machinery group and President of the Research Institute, said, quality is the foundation, and science and technology create the future. Lovol will continue to maintain high R & D investment and deliver products with higher quality, more functions and more intelligence to users all over the world

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