17 Ways to play the hottest digital Bulletin

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17 Ways to play digital bulletin

Arup has been highly praised since the introduction of the Introduction Manual of digital bulletin last time. Today, it introduces 17 Ways to play digital bulletin, so that users can quickly understand how digital bulletin can be used! Maximize its benefits. Anrup adheres to the spirit of promoting the development of digital notices and makes continuous efforts to invest in the education market. The development of digital notices in China will still have a long way to go, and anrup will also go forward together

there are basically 8 kinds of digital notices, and few people use them.

Arup technology. Its core business is to provide digital hypermedia solutions based on Internet, 3G and WI and through the "logo" program to adjust the time delay -fi network. 1. Horizontal horizontal pull structure solutions to meet the rapidly growing needs of the storage and distribution of multimedia content sets and the outdoor digital signage (doOh) market

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