18 main causes of tanker fire and explosion caused

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The 18 main causes of tanker fire and explosion are

1, illegal open fire, especially the ignition of dangerous piping connecting oil tanks

2. Dirty cabin cleaning, residual oil accumulation between pipeline pumps, and lax fire control

3. The combustibles are not cleaned, the fire is not responsible, and the welding slag falls and ignites

4. Illegal smoking

5. Illegal use of electric heating appliances and non explosion-proof electrical appliances

6. The cable surface is damaged, the wires and electrical appliances are aging, overloaded, and short circuited due to moisture

7. The fuel oil is mixed with grade I dangerous goods oil

8. Press the button to start the experiment. The pressure gauge connector falls off, the high-pressure oil pipe breaks, and the fuel oil is sprayed to the high-temperature heat source parts such as the smoke exhaust pipe and the supercharger. It must go through rough grinding

9, the shaft of the cargo pump is broken, the sealing packing is too tight, and the dry grinding is hot and on fire

10. The oil spilled from the cargo pump room leaks into the engine and boiler compartment through the shaft seal of the bulkhead

11. Bake combustibles at high temperature heat source

12. Improper operation of the boiler, poor combustion, red heat insulation layer, accumulated oil dirt in the flue and burning, and sparks from the chimney

13. Dangerous goods are mixed and oil cotton yarn is on fire

14. The oil overflows into the water, and the external fire source ignites and burns back

reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. 15. Illegal operations during loading, unloading, ballast and tank washing have led to cargo oil. Now Shandong proposes to comprehensively carry out the electrostatic accumulation and discharge of new and old kinetic energy conversion ships

16. Lightning strike

17. Leave the post without permission or operate improperly, and the kitchen oil pan is on fire

18. Explosion caused by collision, reef and grounding

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