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Hainan: 143 rural road construction projects, with an operating rate of more than 70%

Hainan: 143 rural road construction projects, with an operating rate of more than 70%

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it was learned from the 2016 "practical for the people" rural road construction project promotion meeting held in Hainan Province on June 14 that by the end of May, 143 projects had been started in the province, with a construction mileage of 236.5 kilometers, The operating rate of the project reached 73%. It is understood that according to the relevant documents of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the Department of transportation of Hainan Province issued the task of rural road construction for private practical projects in 2016 to relevant cities and counties in February this year, involving a total of 12 cities and counties, 196 rural road construction projects, 300 natural villages, benefiting 122727 people, with a total mileage of 322.1 kilometers and a total investment of 210 million yuan. According to the requirements of the provincial government supervision office, these projects must be completed and opened to traffic by the end of November this year

in this regard, the Department of transportation of Hainan province attaches great importance to this work and has conducted supervision for many times. According to the supervision results, 143 projects have been started in the province by the end of May, with a construction mileage of 236.5 kilometers and a project construction rate of 73%; A total of 36 projects and 85.4 kilometers have been completed, accounting for 26.5% of the planned mileage; The completed investment is 54.99 million yuan, accounting for 25.9% of the planned investment; It has benefited 46811 people, accounting for 38.1% of the planned population. Among them, the projects in Chengmai, Ding'an, Lingao, Baoting, Ledong and Baisha counties have all started, with a construction rate of 100%; 53 projects have not yet started in 6 cities and counties, including Haikou, Danzhou, Qionghai, Tunchang, Wenchang and Changjiang

in order to ensure that these projects are completed on time and with high quality, the Department of transportation of Hainan Province also signed a target letter with relevant cities and counties on the same day

the relevant person in charge of Hainan Provincial Department of transportation said that accelerating the construction of rural roads is an urgent need to build a well-off society in an all-round way, improve people's travel conditions, and write a beautiful chapter in Hainan. Therefore, relevant cities and counties are required to fully understand the importance and urgency of this matter, carry forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties, clarify their responsibilities, speed up the project, please use fuses of the same model and shape as the original equipment, strengthen management, and complete the project construction on time with quality and quantity

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