17kw diesel generator for most trains

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17kw diesel generator for vehicle

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vehicle 17kw diesel generator is a combination of internal combustion engine and synchronous generator. The maximum power of internal combustion engine is limited by the mechanical load and thermal load of parts and components, which is called additional power. The additional power of exchange synchronous generator refers to the additional power input during durable and continuous operation at additional speed. All the parameters required to input the diesel engine into the current spring are available. Additional power and synchronous exchange power generation The extra power input by the machine is called the marriage ratio

the vehicle 17kw diesel generator has completed the normal tasks of the permanent magnet generator in the rotating and high-temperature environment of the vehicle through research and development and design, and its superiority is very prominent, such as:

(1) no battery power generation Because its rotor is a permanent magnet, it does not need to excite current, and it can generate electricity only by rotating under the mobilization of the engine, which saves power. Compared with the excitation generator with the same volume, the input power can be more than doubled under the same environment, and when the battery is damaged in the moving car, the power supply of the car can still work normally. Even if there is no battery, just rotate the engine or slide the car can complete the shutdown operation

(2) good low-speed power supply function and low voltage regulation rate. In low-speed power supply, under the environment of the same electromagnetic parameters, when the silicon rectifier generator is "zero current", the permanent magnet generator can input 3a~5a throttled "excitation current" externally, which improves the low-speed power supply function. The manufacturing process is huge, the processing is convenient, the magnetic leakage is small, the direct axis and quadrature axis armature reaction reactance is small, and the armature reaction is weak, so the voltage adjustment rate is small, its external characteristics are relatively flat, and the input voltage stability is also very good when high-speed power supply

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more than 20 (summer) sae30 10 c~20 C (spring and Autumn) sae20 p>

- 5~20 C (winter) sae10w30 solution: improve the lubrication conditions of relative moving parts -20~30 C (severe winter) sae5w20

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