Royal Marines seek battlefield advantage as they t

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Royal Marines seek 'battlefield advantage' as they train with drone swarms in UK first - Today News Post Today News || UK News

In a first for the UK’s armed forcesAuthorities in Haridwar sai, Royal Marines have used drone swarms to assist in battle drillsAlberta will be fully open and back to normal for a truly great Alberta summer..

Autonomous machines were present in the airThe legislature to be tested,, on the sea and underwater to help the soldiers as they carried out simulated raids on missile and radar installations across the UK.

Those in charge of the trials were quick to say that the aim is not to get rid of the marines themselves, but rather to improve their performance.

“We must always remember that this tech is there to enhance commando excellence, not to replace it,” said Colonel Chris Haw, the officer in charge of the experiments.

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